How does AVBR mode works?

How does AVBR mode works?

Hi there,
I would like to ask that how does the RateControlMethod "AVBR" (Average Variable BitRate) mode work?
What's the difference of feature and algorithmbetween the " AVBR"and "VBR"(or "CQP")?
If I have multiple input bitstream, is there any way to make the "AVBR" mode to consider the dependency of them and try to adjust the dependency as response?

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Hi Joyah,Here is a description of AVBR from MSDK reference manual:

Average variable bitrate control (AVBR) algorithm. The algorithm
focuses on overall encoding quality while meeting
the specified bitrate, TargetKbps, within
the accuracy range Accuracy, after a
Convergence period. This method does not follow HRD and the instant bitrate is not
capped or padded.

The Accuracy value is specified in the unit of tenth of percent.

The Convergence value is specified in the unit of 100 frames.

value is specified in the unit of 1000 bits per second.
So basically the only difference with VBR is lack of HRD conformance.
Sorry, I don't understand the question about multiple bitstreams, can you explain in more details?

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