Can I use my laptop (Dell Latitude e6520) to develop IM SDK?

Can I use my laptop (Dell Latitude e6520) to develop IM SDK?

I am new to Intel Media SDK; I am K12 teacher attempting to create a live webcasting for school events. I am using the Encoder 4 Pro SP2. As per the MS Expression Encoder, it is possible to reduce latency by using QSV. However I do know if may computer is capable, or how to enable QSV.

Thanks for your help

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MS Expression Encoder Pro 4 does have support for HW accelerated encode using Intel QSV. Also, the Dell machine you have does have QSV, just make sure you have the latest graphics driver installed on your machine to ensure functionality and best performance.

We have little insight into how Microsoft have implemented the Expression Encoder so we cannot comment on application performance or latency. I have to refer you to MS for that.

If your interest is in developing your own media application then Intel Media SDK may be of interest. If you download the SDK you will find lots of sample code that should help you get started. Keep in mind though, that Media SDK is not a complete solution, you will likely need to integrate with 3rd party mux/demuxers, UI components, network stream (if needed) etc.


Just want to add to Petter's message. The DELL machine you mentioned also has "NVIDIA Card Graphics card" configuration. If that card is there, there is a possibilty you may not able to use Intel QSV.A simple test will be: Click Properties at My Comoputer -> Devices -> Display AdapterIf there is only Intel HD mentioned then QSV will work otherwise not.

Thanks for chiming in with this info Brijender.

Thanks for the responses. I followed the suggested test, and found that the NVidia card was the only display adapter; therefore, my computer will not work with QSV

Do you have any information on any laptop that can be used for fast encoding, perhaps any of Dell XPS?

Thanks again for your help


Unfortunately we cannot make recommendations aboutspecific vendor laptops. However, to ensure ability to use QSV and Media SDK I would suggest finding a laptop, with 2nd generation (or 3rd generation which is soon to be released) Core processor, that does not have a discrete graphics card.


Hi again,

Let me inject one more thing. From the Dell website it looks like "Dell Latitude e6520" does have support for what is called switchable graphics. Since the discrete graphics card is an Nvidia card it implies that you should be able to switch between Intel or Nvidia graphics in run-time using the Nvidia "Optimus" feature (probably accessible via specific Nvidia application or control panel setting).

If that does not work, you could also check out the BIOS settings. Some BIOS types allows you to select primary graphics before boot. To enable QSV, enable the Intel GPU as primary.


FYI, I have similar Del llaptop 6420.
It has Nvidia graphic as default option. Initially Intel graphic is not visible.
However, after open BIOS andenabling Nvidia "Optimus" in grahic options
the Intel intgrated graphic is enabled.
Than you can install Intel graphic driver and use Quick Sync acceleration,
provided that your video software supports that.

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