Why DecodeFrameAsync keeps return MFX_WRN_VIDEO_PARAM_CHANGED?

Why DecodeFrameAsync keeps return MFX_WRN_VIDEO_PARAM_CHANGED?

I have an IP camera which encodes in H264 with resolution: 1080p at 15 fps rate. In client end, I useDecodeFrameAsync() to decode the stream. ButDecodeFrameAsync keeps return the warningMFX_WRN_VIDEO_PARAM_CHANGED which means "the video parameters are changed during decoding". However, I didnot change camera setup during it plays. What are the video parameters?Thanks in advance.Jiuxiang

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Hi Juixiang,

DecodeFrameAsync returnsMFX_WRN_VIDEO_PARAM_CHANGED whenever a sequence header is found in bit stream. This is the expected behavior and is also noted in the Media SDK manual pages forDecodeFrameAsync. I assume this is just how your camera creates the stream.


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