Problem of mp4 muxer of Media SDK Filters

Problem of mp4 muxer of Media SDK Filters

I am using directshow to transcode video files to mp4 file.
And, I am using mp4 muxer of media sdk filters for writing mp4 file.

I was able to create mp4 file.
However, the file which cannot be played back was created.
When file size exceeded 4 G bytes, the MP4 file was not able to be played back.

When I analyzed the mp4 files that are created by the mp4 muxer, box size of "mdat" was an incorrect value.
I think, if the size of the "mdat" box exceeds the 4G Bytes, you should use a new "mdat" box.

Is this problem a bug of mp4 muxer?

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Thanks for making us aware of this limitation.

Please be aware that the the binary only DShow components (classified as Developer Tools) that comes with the SDK (such as the mp4 muxer) are provided as a convenience for SDK evaluation purposes. These are not product grade binaries intended to be used as part of a product, but instead help developers explore the functionality of the SDK. For a product grade mp4 muxer that can be made part of a commercial application I suggest looking elsewhere for other mp4 muxer alternatives.

All that said, we will look into the issue you reported and work to improve the SDK mp4 muxer in future releases.


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