Media hardware acceleration fails

Media hardware acceleration fails

I am not sure that this forum is right place to my question.The project involves to decode 12 H264 video using Intel Media SDK. In order to meet certain frame rate, we have to use hardware acceleration.I test to open video online in the machine, Most of them are totally messy when enable hardware acceleration option. But they play well without hardware acceleration.I also use Intel GPA tool to watch GPU under running simple Direct3D rendering program (DXSDK sample), System Analyzer can not detect any activity of EUs, it shows GPU busy 0 all the time.Thanks in advance for any advice.Jiuxiang

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Hi Jiuxiang,

you are referring to an Intel platform and driver that have yet to be externally released.
Let's take this discussion off the forum. I will send you a private email shortly.


hi,i have the same question,my hardware didn't work,and i use theGPA to see the performance,there is no usage in hardware.Can you give me some suggestion?

i have meet the same question,have you solved it?


The recent Intel Graphics drivers now support both 2nd and 3rd generation processor graphics platforms.

Please download the latest driver from here and try again if you are facing issues.

The most recent Win7 driver is15.26.8.2696


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