Capture screen

Capture screen

I want to capture screen and encode by using Sandy bridge.Which way of capturing screen is best?Any example?Thanks.

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Hi kkbee,

Screen capturing has no relation to the platform, SandyBridge or Intel MSDK. There are different methods of screen capturing.
You can find a lot of information on internet, for example :


Hi Vassili,Any example about encodeDirect3D data by using intel media sdk.Thanks for your reply.

Hi kkbee,
Please check out the sample_encode under Media SDK samples. It has a code path which shows Media SDK Encoder working with Direct3D9 surfaces (follow the path defined by command line option "-d3d").

Hi ,Does Media SDK support trans file format to mpeg2 ts?If not , any lib I can use(IPP)?Thanks.

Hi kkbee,

Media SDK does not have direct support for media containers such as mpeg2 TS. Intel IPP samples provides one alternative for muxing/demuxing containers. If you'd like to pursue this option please refer to the following white papers:,

If this does not fit your needs, there are also many other muxing/demuxing solutions available.


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