MFXVideoSession cannot be initialized in MFX_IMPL_HARDWARE

MFXVideoSession cannot be initialized in MFX_IMPL_HARDWARE

Hi,I used to decode H264 stream inMFX_IMPL_HARDWARE mode on Intel Core i-7 2700K. Today I replaced CPU with Intel Core i5-2500K and i3-2125, I met the same problems: MFXVideoSession.init(MFX_IMPL_HARDWARE, ver) return -3, which mean I cannot decode in hw. I tried software implementation. They worked.Thank for any advice?Jiuxiang

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Hi Jiuxuang,what value is "ver" assigned to? The platforms you mention have MSDK libraries with API 1.1, so they will support ver equal or less than 1.1.Regards,Nina

Hi Nina,ver = {0,1}.Thanks.Jiuxiang

I replaced I7-2700k again. MFXVideoSession can be initialized in HW implementation.

The Media SDK hardware loading mechanism uses the DeviceID key of HKLM\Software\Intel\MediaSDK\Dispatch.

When you switch the CPU, you switch the device ID and cause a mismatch. Try switching the CPU back to the Core i3 or Core I5, and then re-installing the graphics driver. This will cause the DeviceID key to be updated.

Let me know if this helps


Fixed the problem once reinstall graphics driver (Intel graphics driver center).Thanks

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