Display device required to use QuickSync ?

Display device required to use QuickSync ?

If and why is a display device required to use QuickSync on 2nd gen Core i7 ?

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Its not a MSDK defined requirement. If the SDK can access the device and use it it will. A possible alternative had been discussed in this thread:


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Eric, thanks for teh answre and link. Actually we want to use QuickSync without any display connected, i.e. in a headless mode, just streaming data in over network, transcoding it and streaming it out over network again. So, we neither have a display attached to the intel GPU nor do we have a secondary GPU.

The last post in the above link shows how to enable QuickSync when the Intel GPU isn't connected.For HW acceleration work (DXVA), a screen must be connected to the GPU that creates the device. This is a DirectX9 limitation.What you can do is connect a screen to one port and extend the desptop to another, later remove the actual connection. The trick is to keep the disconnected screen a part of the desktop so DirectX will enumurate it.
Annoying? Yes. But drivers must comply with the OS requirements.

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