Connect Media SDK H.264 decoder DirectShow filter to H.264 encoder filter

Connect Media SDK H.264 decoder DirectShow filter to H.264 encoder filter

I am using graph editor to do video capture -> H.264 encoding -> H.264 decoding -> rendering. When I connect Intel H.264 encoder filter with H.264 decoder filter, the playback alway stops after the very first few frames. If I connect Intel H.264 encoder with Microsoft DTV-DVD Video Decoder, the playback is very smooth, but there are a lot of video artifacts.

I am pretty new to Intel Media SDK. Does anybody know why I cannot directly connect Intel H.264 encoder/decoder? And the artifacts with Microsoft DTV-DVD Video Decoder, is it because of the high profile setting in the encoder (I could not change the profile through property page)?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Rachel,

While I have not tried it lately, I belive I have setup the same graph in the past asn seen it work well.
What version of Media SDK are you using?

I'll give this a try with the latest Media SDK 2012 Gold release and let you know what I find.


I am using the latest Intel Media SDK 2012 which I just downloaded two days ago. I am running it on Windows 7 32 bit.


I have not been able to reproduce any this issue, I see content playing smooth (without corruption) in both cases. I'm not sure what is different about our systems.

Can you provide some information on the platform being used?
(Processor, Graphics, etc.).

Is it an Intel platform with Quick Sync Video capability?
If you have Intel graphics hardware, What graphics driver is installed?


Thank you, Tony, for your reply.

Here is my system information:
System: Win7 32bit Home Premium SP1
CPU : i5-2500k @ 3.30GHz
Grapics: Blackmagic (driver version 10/19/2010)

Does this help in anyways?


Media SDK version is 3.0.774.38156
Intel Media Software Development Kit 2012


Intel Media Software Development Kit 2012 install directory you will find tools\mediasdk_tracer\tracer.exe.
Can you try running this and start a log capture (Then setup & Play your graph, then close the capture)?

If you can attach the log, perhaps I can see something that will help.


Attached please find the log file.

I started tracer, then opened grapheditor, loaded graph/running graph/close graph, closed grapheditor, stopped tracer.

I saw only one output frame, then it stopped. At that time, the decoder filter reported it decoded 7 frames. The ecoding filter reported it encoded 22 or 23 frames. I waited a few seconds, made sure the reported frame numbers did not change, before I closed the graph.

Thank you!


Downloadtext/plain mediasdk.txt301.45 KB

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