C# Directshow H.264 Encoding Parameters

C# Directshow H.264 Encoding Parameters

This is for anyone who is developing in c# directshow using the h264 encoder provided by intel.

The parameters used to set the quality of the encoder can be very annoying as I get really wacky results.

Instead of writing a thousand lines of code to create the parameter structures you can literally do this in about 12 lines of code. Here goes:

RegistryKey key = Registry.CurrentUser.OpenSubKey(@"Software\\Intel\\Media SDK Sample Filters\\H264 Encoder", true);

key.SetValue("Level", 40);

key.SetValue("RCControl.bitrate", 21000);

key.SetValue("PCControl", 1);

key.SetValue("Preset", 0);

key.SetValue("Profile", 100);

key.SetValue("PSControl.GopPicSize", 200);

key.SetValue("PSControl.GopRefDist", 3);

key.SetValue("PSControl.NumSlice", 1);

key.SetValue("RCControl.rc_method", 1);

key.SetValue("TargetUsage", 4);


Everything is stored in the registry and as long as you set these values before creating the encoder object then the encoder will use these settings.

Much more convenient!


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Hi Marty,
Thanks for contributing to the community.


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