Stopping directshow graph in graphedit returns a strange error

Stopping directshow graph in graphedit returns a strange error

Hi, very strange issue when running a simple encoding process to mux in an mp4 container. This happens in code as well as graphedit itself.

The graph is the following:

Decklink Capture Source -> AVI Decompressor -> Intel H.264 Encoder -> Intel MP4 Muxer -> File Writer

Most of the time the graph works perfect however if it is being run for a long period of time, around half an hour... the following message spits out when trying to stop the graph:

"Graph could not change state"

Whats weird is that after that it says it completed successfuly with an error code 0x00000000 which is successful... but the mp4 file cannot be played... almost like it wasn't finalized.

Does anybody have any idea, suggestions, or have come across this scenario before... maybe with different filters?

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Hi Martin,

We have not seen this issue. But the fact is also that we do not validate the SDK DShow samples with all possible input filters, that includes the Decklink filter.

Do you see any other events that may indicate issue with the Media SDK filters?

Since we do not have access to your setup I would like to ask you to try to debug the SDK DShow filter further to see if it reveals any problems. If you're able to provide a isolated scenario that reproduces the issue that we can try on our side it will enable us to help you better.


After much more testing I have found the culprit to be the AVI Decompressor. I'll have to work around this, but shouldn't be an issue. Thanks for your support.


Hi Marty,

I'm glad to hear you found a solution.


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