Problem of sample_multi_transcode

Problem of sample_multi_transcode


I have used sample_multi_transcode to transcode MPEG2 file:
sample_multi_transcode.exe -i::mpeg2 sample_mpeg2.m2v -o::h264 out.h264

the input file is from quicktime:

However, the output file, out.h264, cannot played correctly in vlc or dshowplayer. Many frames is error. I attached the output file here.

Could anyone help us for correct transcode configuration (commandline or sourcecode modify)?


Downloadapplication/octet-stream out.h264115.26 KB
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Hi Tuan,

The input file you are using is an mpeg container that includes both video frames and audio samples.

Media SDK does not have any support for container handling (such as the mp4 or mpeg container formats). The SDK only operates on elementary video streams. Please refer to the Media SDK "Media Developers Guide" document (chapter 3), part of the SDK package for more information on this topic.


Hi Petter,

Thanks for your answer. I forget about that.


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