Does MSDK Encoder support Multithread and Multitask?

Does MSDK Encoder support Multithread and Multitask?


I would like to know whether MSDK Encoder supported Multithread Processing? How about Multitask Encoding?

If it supported, does it mean I can encoded several input stream at the same time, without reducing the speed and efficiency? Does it use all cores thoroughly and balanced?




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Hi Joyah,

Media SDK certainly support processing of multiple streams simultaneously. The HW and SW codec components will use the available resources to the greatest extent. This means that if you just encode/decode one stream you will get the very high throughput since the full processor or HW acceleration resources are used for the workload. This is illustrated in the asynchronous samples (encode, decode, transcode etc.) provided with the SDK. If you instead want to process several streams concurrently, the effective single stream throughput will be lower since it shares the processing resources with the other concurrent workloads.


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