HW Encoding is likely to use only one core on CPU...

HW Encoding is likely to use only one core on CPU...


I'm using MSDK for 16-channel multi-decoder on a digital video recoder. (image size = 720 x 480)

However, there is a problem.
The performance is very good, only if my CPU is used for 16-channel multi-decoder without else tasks.

I noticed thatthe CPU use only one core on HW encoding.

In this situation, the problem is that if any program begins to use first core, the performance of HW encoder decreases dramatically(over 30%).

I want to use the performance of theIntel Media SDK fully.
I think that if the overloads of one core is distributed into else CPUs, there is no problem.
Please let me knowany solution.


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Hi kmjlove130,

If you are using HW decode then I'm very surprised to hear that your CPU is heavily utilized. I suspect the reason is due to CPU specific activities not related to HW decode, such as surface copies between system memory and graphics memory, color space conversion etc?

Can you explain a bit more what your pipeline looks like?


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