Fetching the reference frame from the encoder

Fetching the reference frame from the encoder

Greetings,While using the encoding engine of the Intel Media Sdk, I would like to have access to the reconstructed frame (the encoder-generated decoded frame that will be used as a reference frame for future frames). This reconstructed frame is often quite useful, for example to compute PSNR metrics or to show the user a preview of the encoded video.I have not found this possibility in the IntelMediaSdk 2.0, other than instanciating a decoding engine and forwarding all generated bitstream into this decoding engine. The problem with this approach is of course the huge performance cost.Have I missed something ?Regards

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Unfortunately Media SDK API doesn't provide access to reconstructed frames. We can record this as a feature request for future Media SDK version, if you'd like.
Best regards,Nina

It would be nice.Thanks,tienne

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