Media Checker Won't work with program

Media Checker Won't work with program

I'm seeing a weird issue with the intel media checker. I was about to run a test and I launched my console application through the media checker program and it launched... I was about to hit start however I had to get the console app in the right state first to start encoding. I opened up putty and sent a command to the console application and in any other scenario it starts to encode (via directshow) however through launching it in media checker, it never works. I can send a command to get content back and do pretty much everything except the test I want to run when encoding.

Has anybody else seen this with the media checker, and not being able to run some portions of the software when checking the media?


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Hi Martin,

As far as I know Media Checker has not been updated for a long time and is likely not fully compatible with Media SDK 2012 (3.0).

May I ask what your purpose is for using Media Checker? Is it just to check if HW acceleration is used or not? If so, you can alternatively use the Media SDK tracer tool that is part of the SDK. Using this tool you can grab a log of all the Media SDK API calls and by scanning the log you can determine if the SW or HW path was taken.

Any issues or bug reports on Media Checker should be raised to the Intel Software Partner Program who maintains the tool.


That might explain why it doesn't work with my application. I was going to test the HW vs SW but also to upload the test report to gain more points for my membership. :) But I guess I can't do that as of right now. Thanks for your insight.


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