problem on sample_decode.exe for HW acceleration

problem on sample_decode.exe for HW acceleration

Hi All,Below is my system:i7 2630windows 7 64 bit4 GBgraphic driver version now I'm testing video decoding using sample_decode.exe. Using SW it can work. I type this command atC:\\Program Files\\Intel\\Media SDK 2012 Beta5\\bin\\win32sample_decode.exe h264 -i Brown_Eyed_Girls_Abracadabra_720P_1min.h264 -o brown.yuvbut then when I try this codesample_decode.exe h264 -i Brown_Eyed_Girls_Abracadabra_720P_1min.h264 -o brown.yuv -d3d -hwI got this errorreturn on error: error on code -3, .\\src\\pipeline_decode.cpp 411return on error: error on code 1, .\\src\\sample_decode 203Anyone can help me on this? I got the same error even I try on other sandy bridge platform.ThanksSyahmi

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Hi Syahmi,

What you're seeingmay besimilar to this thread:

What happens with the latest graphics driver?



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