max # of H/W decoders ?

max # of H/W decoders ?

My system is:
Sandy Bridge i3-2100
6GB RAM (note that I use 32-bit OS)
Win7 32bit

I'm using MSDK 2.0 and I cannot create more than 32 decoderswith H/W acceleration
all streams are 704*576 (but everything is fine withMFX_IMPL_SOFTWARE)

33th call of MFXVideoDECODE_Init() functionfails withMFX_ERR_MEMORY_ALLOC (-4).

I think the problem iscaused by insufficientVRAMor limitation of MSDK 2.0, isn't it?

Thank for advance

now I found that, for 1920*1080p streams, # of H/W decoders are limited up to 12..

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Hi diskerr,

This is a well known limitation related to the amount of available graphics memory using a 32 bit OS (this not a limitation of the Media SDK). If you run the same workload using a 64 bit binary on a 64 bit OS you will not encounter this limitation unless you apply a much larger set of concurrent streams.

Note that due to the nature of DirectX status codes that Media SDK receives internally the SDK cannot always determine that the issue is lack of memory (MFX_ERR_MEMORY_ALLOC) so sometimes you may get other error status codes, when reaching the memory limit, indicating failure that may seem confusing (currently there is no way around this).


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