seek problem

seek problem

when i seek ssif(separated mvc stream in m2ts),there has sync problem with base view stream(0x1b) and non base view stream(0x20),timecode compare is not so accurate,should i compare frame number in slice(both base view and non base view)? And how can i get the frame number in non base view stream?

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Hello cc1983

I have several questions about your post.
Do you seek a stream generated by MediaSDK MVC encoder? What time codes do you mean? Are these PicTiming SEI or something else?

Both base and dependent views have picture order count (POC) field in slice headers. They should be the same for base and dependent view of the same frame.

Hi, Iam using ffmpeg ts demuxer to demux .ssif file and dump base view/dependent view stream separated, then mux them into one mvc file. And i seek .ssif file using ffmpeg seek(pcr information which i mean timecode), base view and dependent view stream dumped wrong sliceafter seek.There has frame_num in base view slice header,but seemed not in dependent view.I will try poc.

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