H.264 Decoder subtye nv12... need uyvy

H.264 Decoder subtye nv12... need uyvy

Hello everyone,

I'm working with a decklink duo card that accepts uyvy as its input to output via the sdi port on the card. The problem is that in directshow the h.264 decoder won't connect to the input pin of the decklink video render filter. Is there a way around this? Basically what I'm trying to do is read an mp4 file (that was previously encoded using h.264) and if the file is selected to playback then the mp4 file needs to be sent through to the decklink video render. The subtypes are not supportive, is there a way around this? Thanks.

I just noticed that the mainconcept intel h.264 filter does support uyvy however purchasing the mainconcept filter that simply has the intel filter embedded into it isn't acceptable.


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Hi Martin,

The Media SDK filters have limited color space support and UYVY is not one of the supported formats. However, the Media SDK filters are provided as source code with the Media SDK package and the code can be changed to support connection (by potentially adding own color conversion routine) with other filters, such as the Decklink filters that we have not validated.

It is also possible that the failure to connect with the Decklink renderer is due to Decklink filter memory allocation dependencies or lack of DVXA support. As we have not validated the Media SDK filters with Decklink it's hard to say what may be the issue. The only renderer we do support, as part of the filter samples, that provides an optimized HW acceleration pipeline is Microsoft's EVR filter. We also recently in Media SDK 3.0beta4 added support for Microsoft WMR9 renderer, however, due to lack of full DVXA2 support in VMR9 filter, using this filter will not provided optimal performance.


Thanks Petter, I'll see if I can rewrite the color spacing to provide the subtype I need. Cheers.

I'm trying to build the packages to get started, I found the areas where i need to add my own routine but I can't build the solution, "error LNK1181: cannot open input file 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.1\Samples\Multimedia\DirectShow\BaseClasses\x64\Debug\strmbasd.lib'".

How can I resolve this. I have had Windows SDK 7.1 installed initially and I would assume the intel installer would set up the appropriate environment variables. Is this the case or am I missing something?

Hi Martin,

You need to build the Windows SDK DirectShow base classes. This will build the required library...\Samples\multimedia\directshow\baseclasses\


Ah yes, this makes more sense. Thank you.

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