decoding occupied too much memory

decoding occupied too much memory

I need to create 30ch decoder in a process. Unfortunately, everyone channel gets about 300M memories, so the process is limitted by memory restrict. How can I decrease use of memory? Thanks.

. MSDK version 3.0.332.30303 Beta2
. mfxVideoParam.AsyncDepth = 1
. resolution is 1920x1080
. encoded type is h264
. framework is directshow

Thank you in advance!

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The decoding, processing, rendering and displaying of HD Video can be very memory intensive. Every component in a DirectShow framework can allocate its own memory for buffering and computations.

The MediaSDK DirectShow sample code is intended to show sample usage of the API, and not intended to be used as a production plugin optimized for memory footprint.

One recommendation is to use a 64-bit operating system to ensure the maximum amount of memory is available.


After the function MFXVideoDECODE_Init() is called, memory-commit sizeabout 200M is added.

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