media sdk encode file with only one i slice

media sdk encode file with only one i slice

cmd: C:\\Program Files\\Intel\\Media SDK\\3.0.442.32245 Beta3\\bin\\win32>sample_encode.exe mvc -i d:/left.yuv -i d:/right.yuv -o d:/ims.mvc -w 1920 -h 1080

i found that mvc file has only one i slice, others are all b and p slices.
how can i modify gop size?

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Length of GOP is controlled by GopPicSize field in mfxInfoMFX structure which is passed to encoder Init function. Sample is a simple application which doesn't allow setting it from the command line, so it specifies GopPicSize=0 which makes GOP size to be default (some very big number usually).

You can modify sample_encode application to accept a newoption from command line to control GOP length or in simple case you can hardcode it inside of CEncodingPipeline::InitMfxEncParams function which initializes encoder parameters.

Thanks, it's working.

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