Limiting NAL size (byte-size-limited slices)

Limiting NAL size (byte-size-limited slices)

In Video Conferencing applications, it is common to divide a frame into un-equal-sized slices, adhering to a maximum NALU size that fits in an un-fragmented RTP packet.
I have seen no provisions for that in the media SDK, are there such (which I have missed), or is such a feature planned for the future ?
Note that I'm aware of the existance of the NumSlices parameter, but this creates equal-macroblock-sized slices, which has no consideration for byte-size of packets.


Jack CHimasera

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Hi Jack,

We do not support this feature at the moment. However, thanks for your very valuable feedback, we will explore the feasibility of adding this feature to future releases of Intel Media SDK. Depending on the outcome I will update this forum item shortly.


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