Using Media SDK samples over remote desktop/RDP

Using Media SDK samples over remote desktop/RDP

I find that the sample_decode.exe sample program using (-hw) works fine from the console,but when I use it over windows Remote Desktop, it fails at the Init() call.Is there a workaround to continue using Remote Desktop to run this program with the -hw option?ThanksCameron

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Hi Cameron,

Intel Media SDK HW operations does not work over Remote Desktop. The reason for this is that Direct3D is not supported over Windows Remote Desktop. Media SDK HW acceleration depends on Direct3D access.

You may try other remote desktop solutions, such as VNC, but I cannot guarantee it will work.


Petter,Thanks for your response.It seems that 2.0 did not allow RDP/remote desktop use, but it seems that the new 3.0 beta does allow it!!So, I'm able to work in that manner!ThanksCameron

Hi Cameron,A heads up. If you do not see explicit issues trying to run on HW via RDP, you are likely silently falling back on SW codec anyway.Regards,Petter

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