media SDK 3.0 software decode get some wrong...on E6500 + XP

media SDK 3.0 software decode get some wrong...on E6500 + XP

Hi :

I have download the media sdk 3.0 .

I have two computer : intel E6500(nv gt220, windows XP sp3) / i3 2310M (HD 2000 , windows 7 sp1)

by "play" the example, I got some error :

my testing moive is WoW_Cataclysm_Cinematic_Intro.mp4

(youtube linking here)

I used avidemux to convert the movie as raw h264 (avi)

I would like use media sdk, to convert the movie as raw yuv420 by the sample_decode

On i3 2310M, that is ok, whether hardware or software.

But on E6500, the yuv output lost some beginning frame, that is begining at about 0:09.(youtube : about 0:19)

(In other words, that lost the frames of "Blizzard" logo)

I known the E6500 could not use hardware decode.. but I do not know whether that is not feasible software
on media sdk.

Is it possible to use media sdk on cpus/chipsets those doest not hardware support media sdk ?

thank you.

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Hi Gaiger,

There are a couple of issues with your setup and usage.

- The Intel E6xx platform have very limited Media SDK support. Only encode HW acceleration is supported. You will also need a special gfx driver. More info here: Windows XP is not supported/validated. It may work but we cannot guarantee accurate behavior.- Keep in mind that if discrete gfx card is installed then extra care is needed when setting up Media SDK HW accelerated session, such as selecting specific HW target, adapter initialization and connecting secondary monitor.

Yes, it is possible to use Media SDK on platforms (running Windows Vista or Win7) that does not have HW acceleration.


Hi Peter :

thank you lots.

As you point, XP is not validated by using media SDK, even by software decode/encode mode.

Actually, my XP platform is pentium E6500 with G41,and ecternel graphic card NV gt220... whatever your linking is also useful for our product.

May I ask, is G31/G41 limited support hardware acceleration for media SDK ? :D

thank you.

Hi Gaiger,

Thanks for clarifying, E6500 led me to belive you had an Atom series chipset. Your processor is clearly not an Atom processor. So please ignore the paper I linked in my previous post.

Intel Media SDK does not support HW acceleration on G31 and G41 chipsets. You may try SW encode/decode on your platform, but since your OS is XP I cannot guarantee correct behavior.

thank you, Peter.

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