Relation of Quick Sync Video and Intel Media SDK

Relation of Quick Sync Video and Intel Media SDK

Hi all,

What is Quick Sync Video?
It's difficult for me to comprehend QSV.

I think that if I use a CPU which supports QSVand Intel Media SDK then I use QSV function of that CPU.
Is it right?


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Hi kmjlove130,
Please see my answer to your other post on the same topic.


I'm not on the Intel 'legal' or 'marketing' teams, but I believe you can think of Intel Quick Sync Video as the technology in our platforms, and the Intel Media SDK as a tool that allows you to write applications that use it.

If your developing a Media-centric application and you would like it to take advantage of QSV, please take a look at the Intel_Media_Developers_Guild.pdf document in the Media SDK and let us know if you have and further questions.

Thanks for your interest in the Media SDK


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