Be Supported? Intel Xeon Sandy Bridge-E CPU

Be Supported? Intel Xeon Sandy Bridge-E CPU

Hi, All.

I heard that Intel Xeon Sandy Bridge-E CPUused on a server was released.

So, I wonder that Intel Media SDK supportsthis new CPU.


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Hi,and sorry for the delayed answer.

Many of the Xeon Sandy Bridge CPUs does support HW acceleration of video encode and decode via Intel Quick Sync Video (QSV). You can find the details on which of the available Xeon processors does support QSV via the following links: and this link you can compare the spec of available Xeon Sandy Bridge products, look for QSV)

However, I still need confirmation from our graphics driver team if QSV and Media SDK is exposed via the Windows graphics driver.

I'll update this space again as soon as I hear back.


Hi Petter,

I heard that QSV you mentioned is a wraper of Intel Media SDK.
Is it right?
If so, I want to know moredetails (any links, any files and etc.)about QSV.
I tried to find that, but didn'tget useful information.

Anddo all the Xeon CPUs have its own graphic device support HW acceleration?


Hi kmjlove130,

Quick Sync Video (QSV) is a marketing term for the video acceleration technology built into the 2nd generation Intel Core processors. More infor below

Intel Media SDK exposes the features of QSV via the Media SDK API enabling developers to innovate and create applications using Intel platform HW acceleration.

Please refer to the link provided in my earlier post for a complete list of Xeon processors and details regarding which of these products have QSV. Not all of them do. The web page provides a way for you to compare the specs of all the Xeon processors. Look for "Intel Quick Sync Video".



Hi Admin,

Is QSV support available in Xeon E5 Family  processors ??



Hi Pooovarasan, 

Current Media Server Studio supports Xeon E5 v3 and v4 system. For details refer to system requirement section of release notes. With Xeon E5 Server you can use software codec available in Media SDK as mentioned in the release note. 
Also, to clarify Xeon E5 Server doesn't have integrated graphics card due to which one will not be able to use hardware acceleration provided through Media SDK unless added a PCI card like Intel VCA or Artesyn SharpStreamer. 

Hope it helps.




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