where is the libmfxhw32.dll file ?

where is the libmfxhw32.dll file ?

Hi. I'm using Intel Media SDK to decode H264 video with its Directshow filter. I've installed the 2.0 SDK (from there https://registrationcenter.intel.com/RegCenter/ComForm.aspx?ProductID=1578) and it works well.

During debug, I noted only the software dll was used (even if I have good graphic cards) and when I were looking for the hardware dll I didn't find it. Is there any limitation to the SDK version I've installed ? I have found libmfxsw32.dll in the installation directory of MSDK but not libmfxhw32.dll. Am I doing something wrong ?



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Hardware Media SDK dlls are distributed with Intel Graphics drivers for supported platforms. To run Media SDK 2.0 based application with hardware acceleration you would need a 2nd Generation Intel Core processor and the latest driver installed from http://downloadcenter.intel.com/.
There are also earlier platforms which support hardware accelerated decoding through Media SDK:

  • Intel Core processors with Intel HD Graphics (the API corresponds to Media SDK 1.5, dll is installed by driver)
  • Intel GMA with G45 or GM45 chipsets (the API corresponds to Media SDK 1.5, libmfxhw*.dll is available with developement package along with libmfxsw*.dll)

I hope this helps you,


regarding to this post the hardware acceleration is not available for every graphic cards (even if it seams to be in some documents), that's why the libmfxhw32.dll file is not included in the 2.0 MSDK. If somebody of Intel can validate my answer ?


Ok thanks Nina.

That's right - only specific Intel platforms are supported.

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