Quick Sync Video: h/w requirements (processor vs graphics adapter)?

Quick Sync Video: h/w requirements (processor vs graphics adapter)?

I have been experimenting with the sample_transcode app running in software, but I am planning to get a platform with a 2nd gen Core (Sandy Bridge) to measure and test the advertised 2X speedup. However, I am somewhat confused about the h/w requirements.What is the relation between the processor (2nd gen core) and graphics adapter requirements?Is the 2nd gen core processor required for faster encoding, and an Intel G45 graphics adapter required for h/w accelerated decoding, as part of the transcode process? If so, it seems both a 2nd gen core and a G45 graphics adapter are required for a complete h/w accelerated transcode process. True?Thanks!-Karl.

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Hi Karl,

The graphics adapter included in Intel 2nd Generation Core Processors include encode, processingand decode capabilities, as well as the improved 3Dand display controller capabilities. The processorand graphics adapter are now integrated into a single product,and is not designed to co-exist witholder Intel graphics adapters (but still offers PCI Express expansion for discrete graphics adapters).


Thanks for your quick reply! I will probably order an i5 2500K based system with a discrete AMD HD 6xxx graphics adapter to run experiments on.

Great Karl,

Just to make sure it is clear, a discrete graphics adapter is not required. when you order an Intel 2nd Generation Core i5-2500K you can use the integrated adapter all by itself, just be sure to order a system with the correct display/monitor connection that you are looking for (HDMI, DVI, VGA, etc.)


Yes, I understood that. The system I found on newegg comes with the adapter - there was really no need for me to mention the adapter in my previous post :)

:) OK, Just making sure. Also...

It give me a chance to mention the "Switchable Graphics and Multiple Monitors"(Appendix D) of the Media SDK manual. The document has some good information about behavior when both adapters are available.


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