Media SDK for Unix/MacOS

Media SDK for Unix/MacOS

Hi!Our software-only codec SDK designed for Windows, Unix and MacOS. We'd like to use universal API for SandyBridgehardware acceleration. But, as I understand, currently Media SDK works only under Windows.What is the best solution in my case? Did you plan to provide Media SDK for another OS?Should I use some other SDKs for Linux and MacOS?Best Regards,Martin.

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Hi Alexey,

We are exploring adding support for other OSs in Media SDK. But at this point we cannot provide any details of when and how this will happen. As soon as we have information to share on this subject we will share it on the forum and elsewhere.

There are several other products/solutions available on the market that could fill the gaps. You could also explore the capabilities of Intel Integrated Performance Primitives (IPP) which includes a range of codec samples.


Thanks, Petter!We will wait for new version of Media SDK with other OS support.Best Reagrds,Martin.

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