Where are the sdk muxer/de-muxer DS filters source code

Where are the sdk muxer/de-muxer DS filters source code

The media sdk installed a few directshow muxer and de-muxer filters, but there not seem to be source code with the sdk for muxer/de-muxer fitlers. Are these filters licensed under the sdkdifferently from the encoder/decoder filter samples which have the source code included with the SDK? If so, why is that?



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License terms for themuxer/demuxer filters are in the "Licensed Binaries" section of the EULA installed with the SDK.In general they are the same as for the filters with source code included.Forexample,Media SDK 2 mux/demux filters can be redistributed as well as the filters with source.The SDK 3 Beta EULA states that both types of filters are for internal evaluation.

Please let us know if you need any more information on this.




The previous post requires some corrections.

According to the license.txt file distributed with version 2 of the SDK the filter DLLs are listed as "Developer Tools" --not "Licensed Binaries". You are free to recompilesamples with source included, whether you add modifications or not. Your recompiled versions then fall under the Sample Source category, meaning that (for version 2) you may redistribute.

The mux/demux tools do not include source,and they cannot be redistributed. The reason for the distinction is that these do not use the Media SDK and are intended only for development support. They are sample binaries only, and not developed/tested to production standards.

As I mentioned before, this applies only to version 2. For version 3 even samples with source are not redistributable until the product hits Gold.

The license documentation could be clearer. We are hoping to address thisin future releases.

Please let us know if you have any further questions on this issue.


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