Intel Media SDK and CUVID or AMD Open Video together

Intel Media SDK and CUVID or AMD Open Video together

Is it possible to use the Intel Media SDK when the other video card installed into the computer?

Right now we see that once we add additional video card into computer the internal videocard is switched off. However using the Media SDK together with the other technologies gives the possibility to have much more performance on the single computer.

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Hi Yuriy,
Yes, that's possible, but it is required that a monitor is plugged into Intel GFX. Also, when programming an application using MSDK you should point a proper display adapter which corresponds to Intel GFX in MFXInit function (please see mediasdk_man.pdf for details). For example you may use MFXInit(MFX_IMPL_HW_ANY).


I believe Intel could/(should?) provide a direct driver for Intel GPUs (exposing compute (i.e. OpenCL next year wih Ivi Bridge and Quick Sync also).. Nvidia has solved this problem exactly using a TCC driver that doesn't expose graphics but compute capabilities of gpus (i.e. OpenCL and CUDA)..

So as I expect Intel to support OpenCL with IvyBridge and having next years lots of gamer PCs with Ivi bridge and discrete cards for gaming you should expose at least headless OpenCL support (see new support in OpenCL in AMD APP 2.5 and Nvidia since years) if not this TCC like support..

As said you could expose QuickSync via this driver also..



Intel Media SDK (and QSV) will continue to evolve in many ways in alignment with our next generation products. I cannot go into details about our specific plans but we are absolutely going to support optimized OpenCL implementations for our upcoming products.


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