H264 & SPS/PPS

H264 & SPS/PPS


Ive received the following question from an ISV regarding H.264 encoding with Intel Media SDK.

* According to a file type, they need to make a global header from Sequence Parameter Set (SPS) /Picture Parameter Set (PPS) information for H264 encoding. If this global header is not provided, some devices cant play the encoded file.

* Does the Intel Media SDK provide any API to handle SPS/PPS information?

Can you help with this issue?



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Hello Tai,
Please see mediasdk_man.pdf from MSDK 3.0 Beta, look for mfxExtCodingOptionSPSPPS structure. There are several functions operating with SPS/PPS info, it's possible to both retrieve and set this info.
As far as I understand the ISV needs to extract the raw SPS/PPS header from the encoded stream - for that they should callMFXVideoENCODE_GetVideoParam withmfxExtCodingOptionSPSPPSstructure attached to the mfxVideoParam strutcture.
I hope this is what you are looking for.
Best regards,Nina

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