Hardware and Software library not found when testing with Media Checker

Hardware and Software library not found when testing with Media Checker

Hi Guys.We made a application that is pretty much the same as sample_decode.exeapplication that came with Intel Media SDK sample applications.Everything was running fine, until we did a update for Intel MEdia SDK, Intel Media Checker and the lastes drivers for Intel HD Graphics.Now, when we try use Intel Media Checker for test it, we can seethe following information:Monitoring:Hardware library: NoneSoftware Library: None
Our pc configuration used for tests is Intel I5(64bits), IntelHD Graphics for video and Windows7.
Our application runs fine doing its job, but for monitoringprocess,INtelMEdiaChecker is failing.Hope somebody can helpus to solve this issue.Regards,Helmuth Schmitz

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Hi Helmuth,

Does the sample_decode.exe provided in the Intel Media SDK still function (for both -sw and -hw)?

Is this only an issue with the Media Checker tool?


Hi Tony, how are you?Thanks for reply.Weve tried use Intel Media checker for monitoring sample_decode.exe with these options:sample_decode -hw mpeg2 -i d:\piano.vob -o d:\test.outputIn fact, we put thiz call inside a file called "do_test.bat", and we use this .BAT fileinside the Media Checker.Do you think this can be the problem?Or maybe something else?Thanks for helping us Tony.Have a nice day,Helmuth

somebody... any ideia?

Hi Helmuth,
Very sorry for the delay. The engineer who had taken up your issue for investigation was on US public holidays. He should be back to work today, I will ask him to update the status here ASAP.

Hi Helmuth,

again, sorry for the delay.

Could you please provide some additonal info regarding the version of Media SDK, Media Checker and Intel driver you are using. Have you made any other hardware configuration changes to your machine, such as enabling or adding discrete graphics card?

Some things you could try also:

- Try running sample_decode.exe to decode a stream without using a batch script or Media Checker. Look at the information regarding the decode operation that gets printed right after starting decode. "MediaSDK impl" should tell you if it is running in HW or SW. What do you get?- Try uninstalling Media Checker then run the workload again. Media Checker may be interfering with Media SDK


Hi Petter,Thanks for reply.I will try it, and soon as possible, i will inform you the results.Thanks again for helping us.

Hi,i made some test, without the IntelMediaChecker, just executing that app based on sample_decode.exeThe results showed on console are:Input video MPEG2Output format YUV420Resolution 720x576Crop 0,0,720,576Frame rate 25.00Memory type SystemMediaSDK impl hwMediaSDK version 1.0This was the console output.In fact, even when we execute this app inside MediaChecker, the same results are displayed inthe console window, but, the MEdiaChecker window, keeping says that no Hardware and Software library found.The version of SDK we are using is the version of Media Checker is this information can help find the problem

More details about what we are using for the tests:Windows7-Professional(Portuguese)Intel I5Intel HD Graphics(driver version: - Date: 04/10/2011)

more addition info about the core:Intel GMA HD(Core I5-661)

Hi Helmuth,

from the information you provided (thanks!) it certainly looks like this is a Media Checker issue.

Did you try to uninstall then reinstall Media Checker?

If that does not work I suggest you contact the Software Partner Program support that is responsible for the Media Checker product and please report your issue there for them to debug.

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