Intel Media SDK Beta 2

Intel Media SDK Beta 2

Hello Everyone,

We posted the Intel Media SDK 3.0 Beta 2 for download last week, and I wanted to let you all know of some of the new additions to this build. While we continue to refine the software library, much of the focus of beta 2 has been in the samples.

First, theres a new sample sample_vidconf a command line sample that demonstrates how to implement some of the more complex aspects of video conferencing, like how to recover from a situation when a client couldnt decode the bitstream due to network packet loss and also how to dynamically adjust the bitrate, etc.

Next, We also modified the DirectShow h264 sample encoder to accept more video formats on its input pin. The filter now accepts YUY2 and RGB32 input formats. The filter uses VPP to convert them to NV12 prior to passing to the encoder. This allows you to connect the encoder filter directly to a variety camera source filters. I know this has been an issue in the past. We also added some features to the property pages that demonstrate how to use low latency mode and other settings.

As always, we are soliciting your feedback for our library and samples. Feel free to use the forums, or contact me directly at if you have any suggestions.

Intel Media SDK 3.0 Beta 2 Download



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Hello Eric!

I don't know if I'm making some mistake, but:
After I did SDK 3.0 Beta2 download/installation, I checked the H264 encoder input pin with GraphEdit. The only aceptable type still NV12....

My other problem ( still without solution in this release....

I will start my projects with this new release... If I find something wrong I return here ;)

Hi Guilherme,

I just checked and the code is in the package. Try recompiling the sample dshow h264 filter and re-registering it.

Ill check and see where we are with the muxer pause problem. Did you evaluate any other muxers that may fulfill your needs?



The others filters that I evaluate was Mp4 media mux and AAC encoder. For me, no problem with these filters.

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