mpeg2 muxer filter is not friendly?

mpeg2 muxer filter is not friendly?

Please help...

Does mpeg2 muxer filter can be connected to the otherfilter? (except microsoft file writer)

Even a directx sample dump filter, still can not work done.

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We test with FileWriter only (so this is the only usage we guarantee). Which filter are you trying to connect the muxer to and what is the need? If you have the source code of the filter you may try to debug and try to find out why the connection is refused.

Hi Nina,

the problem i faced is that i cannot connect Media SDK mpeg2 muxer to dump filter

The dump filter is microsoft directshow samples provided in the windows sdk.($(MicrosoftSDKs)\Samples\multimedia\directshow\filters\dump)

faailure 0x80040217 on connect pin to muxer filter with dump filter. Even the dump filter's completeconnect() return S_OK.

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As far as I understand it the Media SDK muxer filters require the downstream filter to support the "IStream" interface. The IStream interface is used by the FileWriter to support timestamps and to finalize the file after completed streaming.

The sample Dump filter does not support the IStream interface but if you'd like you could extend the filter with that functionality to be able to control what gets dumped to file.

What is the reason you cannot use the generic FileWriter filter for your purposes?


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