How can I use Intel Media SDK in visual ?

How can I use Intel Media SDK in visual ?

Dear All

How can we used Intel Media SDK in Application?

I want to Capture Live Video from USB Video Capture Card and encode Video
and then save any format that support Intel Media SDK.

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Hi Omar,

Glad to hear of your interest in Intel Media SDK. Unfortunately Intel Media SDK was not designed to support Visual Basic.

However, as far as I know, there might still be some ways for you to utilize Media SDK functionality in a VB application. For instance, Intel Media SDK provides some DirectShow samples(!) (implemented in C++) for encode and decode using Media SDK. I believe these could be loaded and used in a application. You may also explore more intricate option building a VB bridge directly to the Media SDK DLL implementation, that said, this would bypass the benefits of the Media SDK dispatcher libary.

Keep in mind that the above are currently unsupported use cases and we do not provide any sampleson how to do this. That aside, we would be love to learn about your findings in this area. If you want, feel free to share with us on this forum.


Hi Omar!I'm not a VB expert.But, I'm using Media SDK in C#, maybe it could be help you.1) Do you know how to create a simple DirectShow app in VB? Like, create a VideoSource connected with a VideoRender and play it. If you don't know, please search on google...You will see that you need the GUID's and PIN's for create each filter.2) You could get an application like GraphEdit and see all DirectShows Filters proprerties. So, please, look in DirectShow Filters -> Intel Media SKD *filters. Here you could get the pin names and the GUID for each Intel filter.I know that it's a really short description, but please try to start with this...if I could help after, let me know!

Hi gthomaz

Can you share me how are you using media SDK in C#, some sample Application.

thanks in advance

Hello Omar!
Here are we again =]

I installed SDK filter's on my PC and I use these filters like a common DirectShow Filter.

My sugestion is:
please, try to do a simple app to understand DS in C#(or another language).
Try to create a graphBuilder and add this filters:
VideoSource -> VideoRender

I read an article teaching about DS in C#, I think that it will be a good tip for you:

There are a simple sample on next page... please look it too...

After this, you could try to use Intel's SDK in your app.
My sample for this is:




where can i get the intel media sdk dll that i can import in c#

Hi Tushar,

Intel Media SDK does not provide C# bindings. You could implement such layer by yourself using PInvoke (or somthing similar). Or you can explore option from 3rd party, such as:


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