Could I using HW acceleration by Media sdk, but with graphic card?

Could I using HW acceleration by Media sdk, but with graphic card?


I am preoparing to use intel media sdk, I have a stupid question:

my computer is sandy bridge i5 2400 (GMA HD 2000), with H61 chipset.

But I have insert a graphic card ( Nvidia 9600gt ).

My question is, could I still using media sdk for hardware encoding/decoding H264/mpeg2?

Or I could just using software to this target by media sdk ?

thank you.

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Hi Gaiger,
In this set up you will be able to use hardware decoding/encoding with Media SDK just fine. The only detail you need to care of is to request the appropriate implementation type of Media SDK library in MFXInit call. For example you can use MFX_IMPL_HARDWARE_ANY (Find the platform-specific implementation on any display adapter including the default display adapter).For more detail please check out MFXImpl enumerator in the Media SDK reference manual (the file mediasdk_man.pdf under \doc).
Best regards,Nina

Dear Nina:

thank your rapid reply.

Do you imply that the intel GMA is off hook with display/graphic ?

Could I do some GPGPU things by intel GMA but the computer is with a indepent graphic card ?

(that is, using intel OpenCL SDK but the computer with NV/ATI card.)

Or media SDK(video encode/decode and some video processing) is an special case ?

thank you.

Hi Gaiger,
What I meant to say was that it is possible to get hardware acceleration through Media SDK if Intel Graphics is not the primary adapter in the system. But it must be active i.e. connected to a display.
I suggest you check out the special section in Media SDK reference manual (doc\mediasdk_man.pdf) on those matters, it is called "Switchable Graphics and Multiple Monitors" and was added in the recently released Media SDK 3.0 Beta available here
As for GPGPU operation with Intel OpenCL SDK I'm afraid it's not yet possible as Alpha OpenCL SDK supports only CPU devices. So I would assume it is a bit early to speak of how it will work in multi-monitor setting.

Hi Nina:

Thank you lots, I have know how I should do now, and how I could apply the Media SDK.

by the way, if the the run time computer is wihout intel GMA (P41, P45 or i5 760. .or AMD CPU.etc), I should use the Media SDK by software encoding/decoding, ya ?

Right, when no hw support is available you can use the CPU implementation which is optimized specifically for Intel CPUs but works on others too.

Hi Nina:

thank you , I am ease to use media sdk now.

- Gaiger

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