DirectShow decoder filter modifications for VPP support

DirectShow decoder filter modifications for VPP support


am trying to add VPP support to DirectShow filter sample code for
decoder. I am using transcode application and Encoder DirectShow
filter as reference for this. I have done the following,

  1. The
    Decode and VPP is created during filter creation.

  2. Same
    session is used for both decoder and VPP.

  3. I
    have provided one interface to filter through which the application
    can set VPP parameters.

  4. The
    same frame allocator will be used for allocating frame surfaces for
    both decoder as well as VPP.

  5. Decoder output surface
    is used as input for VPP. VPP output surface is delivered to
    downstream filter.

With these modifications, I
am able to get results when no HW acceleration is used. But when HW
acceleration is used, I dont see any effect on output after the VPP
parameter change. But there is no error returned by any of the
I am using Media SDK 2.0. The version number used is
Major - 1, Minor - 0.
Is anything specific has to be done for HW
acceleration? Also is my approach correct?


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