More live video delay using intel media SDK h264 decoder from h264 camera

More live video delay using intel media SDK h264 decoder from h264 camera

I built the directshow filter of H264 decoder using intel media SDK(version I tested the filter with H264 camera on the Sandbridge system(3GHz, 8GB, windows 7 64Bit). Thefilter just uses the system memory and hardware acceleration and display order output setting. The H264 media stream is 720P only with I, P frames. The vido ouput from the decoder takes long delay( 10 frames or so delay).

I checked the decoder state (call GetDecodeStat()), and found that the decoder doesn't output frame data until the decoder cache 10 framesinternally ( Number of internally cached frames is 10). Itcauses the delay output issue.

The media stream is only with I, P frames, decoderis ready to output one frame data to displayafter decoding one frame. Even with B frame, I think, it is ready to output frame after decoding three frames.

I can set the decoder in decoder order output to solve the issue, but it isn't good way. I appreicate your suggestionto solve the issue.


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Hi Ishang,

Thanks for the report. We are aware of the issue. The buffering mechanism is there to achieve max throughput for transcoding workloads, unfortunately is doesnt do much for live video use cases. The MSDK 3.0 will fix these latency issues. The Beta will be available this quarter.




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