H.264 SW decode artifacts

H.264 SW decode artifacts


There is a new MP4 H.264 (Baseline@L1.3) file received from a customer.
There are artifacts during decoding using Software Decoder integrated into AVS4YOU products. The sample_decode.exe ( Beta) generates uncompressed output without artifacts but there are too few frames (283 of 15042).
Could you please look at this file?
H.264 Elementary stream
Uncompressed output from sample_decode.exe
log of sample_decode.exe

Thank you in advance.

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Hi Eugene,
I would look but cannot access your links, can you check?

Hi Nina, nice to see reply from you. Sorry - seems that dropbox's syncing will take some more time.
Just now you can download H.264 stream from alternative location. I'll let you know when the dropbox links will be available too.

Dropbox's links now should be available too.

Eugene, I got the h264 stream and checked it - with both 2.0 Beta and Gold version of sample+library I get 432 frames decoded (in stream there's actually 15 042 frames), but no error message as in your log.
Anyway, not the whole stream is decoded so seems there's an issue in Media SDK decoder, I will provide you with more details after we do further investigation.
Thank you for reporting the problem.

Thank you Nina, please let me know in case of any news.

Nina, there is one more file with very similar problem got from another user:
first 20MB of elementary H.264 stream
uncompressed YUV

Hi Eugene,Right, the problem looks same. I will add up this stream to the bug report.Nina

Best Reply

I confirm that the issue you found is a bug in AVC decoder of Media SDK 2.0. The upcoming Media SDK 2.0 Gold update and Media SDK 3.0 Beta releases will both contain the fix.Thank you for reporting this problem.


What I can not decode the bitstream to determine the problem and the same situation

Hi,Could you please provide more details of the decoding problem you face - platform, OS, Media SDK version, application (sample_decode?), symptom (artifacts? error message?), stream etc.Thanks,Nina

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