Problem to Playback H264 after encoding

Problem to Playback H264 after encoding

Did anyone have this issue?
I am trying to evaluate Sandy Bridge 4-core with Media SDK (Windows 7 OS). I have a sample of YUV420 file (video only/no audio). Using sample_encode sample program I did the encoding to H264 and tried to playback. Windows Player/ffdshow didn't want to recognize the h264 video, Quick Time gave me Error-248. VideoLAN play the file but it's jumpy. SDK's sample_dshow does want to play h264 video as well giving error 0x80040216.
Could anyone give me some ideas?

Plus could anyone give me the link to load YUV file for this type of testing? Intel Media SDK doesn't have any sample file for the test. Other SDKs usually include files for evaluation.


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Hi Sergey,

Intel Media SDK only supports encoding to elementary streams, so for the case of you using the Media SDK sample_encode the output is an H.264 stream.

Most commonly used media players on the market cannot properly play back pure elementary streams (including VLC), which is what you've experienced. However, there are some tools that let you play back this type of content, for instance you can download trial version on Elecard's StreamEye application:

If you plan to develop a solution using Media SDK requiring muxing or demuxing into containers such as mp4 or mpeg then I suggest you check out ffmpeg or Intel's IPP samples that contains some muxing/demuxing components.

Regarding the sample_dshow issues:The "sample_dshow" application does support playback of H.264 elementary streams. The issue you are having with the sample might be that the dshow filters have not been registered on your system. This should have been automatically done for you during Media SDK install. Can you make sure you're using the sample binary corresponding to your Windows type (32 or 64 bit)? Could you also explore if you can play back mp4 (H.264, AAC) media content using the"sample_dshow" application?

You can also use Microsofts "graphedit" tool from the Microsoft SDK to explore the Direct Show filters that are registered on your system.

If you are still facing issues please build a debug version of "sample_dhshow" and explore if the application output provides any further details of where the issue occurs.

We cannot provide source content. I suggest demuxing content in YUV by yourself. Please refer to the Intel Media SDK Developer Guide for some examples on how to do this:

I hope this helps,Regards,Petter

Hi, Petter:

Thank you. I will try your points.


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