Can't Play/Pause MP4 Video

Can't Play/Pause MP4 Video

Hi people!

I'm working with Intel Media SDK and DirectShow to develop a MP4 Video Recorder.
I did a "RGB to NV12 Color Converter" and it works ok!
So, I configured my GraphBuilder like this:

AudioSource -> ACC Encoder -> MPEG4Muxer
VideoSource -> Smart Tee (CapturePin) -> H264 Video ENcoder -> MPEG4 Muxer -> File Writer
VideoSource -> Smart Tee (PreviewPin) -> VideoRenderer

It works really fine!
The video has a good quality, good performance, not freeze, audio/video synchronization... everything ok..

But, the problem is:
If I'm recording a video and I execute graphbuilder.Pause(), wait a while and execute graphbuilder.Run() again, my video lose the firts part of the video.
It is, the final video have only the record after the last RUN() command.

I made a test using DirectShow AVI Filters to check if could be some bug with my code.
I change only my connect function, using AVI filters instead MP4 Media Filters...
Like this:
AudioSource -> -> AVI Muxer
VideoSource -> Smart Tee (CapturePin) -> AVI Muxer -> File Writer
VideoSource -> Smart Tee (PreviewPin) -> VideoRenderer
So, the video don't restart. I can PAUSE and RUN again... everything alright

My Question is:
Are there any people here who had this problem too?
It's a Media Filters bug??

I really want to solve this problem... so, if you could help me, please, let me know ;)


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HiGuilherme,We will look into this to see if we can reproduce the issue and find a solution.As soon as we have more info we'll get back you.Thanks for your feedback,Regards,Petter

Thanks for your answer.
I will wat for your reply..


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Hi again Guilherme,

We have identified an issue in the mp4 muxer filter. The filter does not properly handle the pause event as you stated. Thanks for making us aware of this limitation.

This is something we plan to resolve in future release of Media SDK, but as of now I can unfortunately not commit a date due to internal high priority efforts.

The filters supplied with Media SDK are considered samples and therefore not full featured. You might try to explore finding alternate mp4 muxer filter or explore other workaround until we have a solution in place.


Hi Peter!
I will try another solution until next SDK release.
Maybe I'll save a new file for each 'play/pause' click and try to concatenate these files .... I'm not sure yet..
Thanks again!

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