How to insert key frame with Intel SDK?

How to insert key frame with Intel SDK?

Hi all,

In early thread, we can found the insert key frame function,
that is, mfxStatus MFXVideoENCODE_EncodeFrameAsync(
mfxSession session,
mfxEncodeCtrl *ctrl,
mfxFrameSurface1 *surface,
mfxBitstream *bs,
mfxSyncPoint *syncp);

And use mfxEncodeCtrl to control the I frame,

my new question is whom can invoke this MFXVideoENCODE_EncodeFrameAsyn API ,
or how to invoke this function in any place?
There is no body invoke this function in all Intel Media sample ?



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Hi All,

Is there any shortcut to insert key frame(I frame)in Intel Encoder?



Hi Lance,
As for your first question, the EncodeFrameAsync function is called in sample_encode, you may check it out.
But the feature of key frame insertion, according to Media SDK developers, is not yet supported in Media SDK 2.0/SandyBridge encoders - this is a limitation. It will be available only starting with next generation of Media SDK.If you represent a company could you please contact us via private post - so we could discuss schedules/plans/features in more details.Regards,Nina

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