how to use HW MFX Video Encoder when intel is not a primary GPU device

how to use HW MFX Video Encoder when intel is not a primary GPU device

My setup is:
- intel core i5 2300
- nVidia GF 9500GT
- windows 7 64bit

setup 1: when intel GPU is a primary device, MFX Video Encoder uses Intel Quick Sync Video technology, but games works on intel instead of stronger nVidia. I have to restart PC to switch GPU in BIOS.

setup 2: when nVidia GPU is a primary device, games perfoms fine, but MFX does not init.
Function MFXInit(MFX_IMPL_HARDWARE, ver. 1.1, session) returns MFX_ERR_UNSUPPORTED. Have to switch in BIOS again.

My question is:
is there a setup allowing to use Hardware Accelerated MFX Video Encoder when nVidia is a primary GPU?
What should be system configuration. What should be done in software before calling MFX API (I'm a developer) to make MFXInit work. MFXInit does not take d3ddevice handle, so I can not do much.

Please note, that when intel is a primary GPU nvidia HW encoder based on CUDA works just fine. So I suppose there should be a way to make MFX working.


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Hi MJ,
Please try MFXInit(MFX_IMPL_HARDWARE_ANY, ver, session) - with MFX_IMPL_HARDWARE_ANYimplementation type the function will search for a HW Media SDK implementation on all available graphic adapters including the default one.
Please check mediasdk_man.pdf "mfxIMPL" enumerator description for other possible initialization instructions.

MFX_IMPL_HARDWARE_ANY solves the problem, thanks

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