AC3 audio and WPF native please?

AC3 audio and WPF native please?

Tried to play an mpg file with AC3 audio in it and no sound and jerky playback while non ac3 encoded file played fine.
The VLC played these just fine. Would appreciate some feedback on this.

One more request. WPF Native
Is there any chance that you can make this native a WPF control?
I can bring it in as a non native window but then can not have any WPF semi transparent
panels overlay.

WPF needs a shot in the arm anyway and bringing powerful lib would really help
so from a political perspective you might get someone from Microsoft to help.

I ask because you can easily design and create very cool players/and transcoding interfaces in WPF
much much faster than you can in C# and C++.

So for modern interface design with overlays and controls WPF is way cooler.

Those are my requests and report.

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Hi Bob,Could you please specify which of the sample applications you use to play back the mentioned file?As for WPF related suggestions, is my guess correct - you are talking about one of the GUI sample applications of Media SDK, right?Thanks,Nina

>>Could you please specify which of the sample applications you use to play back the mentioned file?
sample_dshow.exe failed while VLC or if I rename the file from VOB to MPG media player works as well.
Anything with AC3 doesnt seem to work.

WPF is the MS rich user interface. Here is my post at the MS site.

And yes it would be fantastic to see a GUI sample applications of Media SDK.

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Hi Bob,
Sample_dshow doesn't support AC3 audio (please see \samples\sample_dshow\readme-dshow-app.rtf for a list of supported input/output formats). Media SDK is a library focused on video decoding and encoding. DirectShow filters are provided as sample code showing how to build framework component which use MSDK API. Audio decoders/encoders, splitters and muxers are provided for the sake of usability of decoding and encoding filters. So only a limited set of formats is supported and AC3 is not among them.
Regarding WPF - should be possible to use MSDK in a WPF based app. The WPF Media Kit project (referred to in your thread on MS forum) seems to have done a lot in the direction of connecting WPF with MS Media Frameworks. As far as I understood their implementation allows to use DS and MF plugins from a WPF app.
Media SDK includes framework components: DirectShow and MediaFoundation plugins as sample source code. So maybe you could try going this way.Great thanks for sharing your ideas. A sample having a WPF UI and using MSDK would be something really cool. We will consider this as a possible future direction.

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