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Getting started

Dear Eric,

I just started working with the Intel media SDK. I tried to useffmpeg to crate elementary streams. The multi_transcode sample returns UNDEVELOPED_FEATURE. Some videos can be played by directshow sample but the mediamulti_transcode still rejects them.
1) Is there any elementary streams videos for testing (web?)?
2) Is the code for the encoder,decoder or VPP is available, say using intel IPP? I do need this is as I am developing app for optimization of decoding,encoding videos.
3) What is simplest way to create the elementary streams using some open stream using tools like ffmpeg/mediasdk/graphedit/other?
4) I tried to create the same using directshow filters article, the intel media filters do not allow decoded or encoded streams to be directed to file writer without mux.

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Hi Vjay,

A simple way to create elementary streams to be used with the samples is to download a MP4, then use Elecards XMuxer PRO software to demux the stream into a *.h264 stream. You can download a free evaluation from the Elecard website. I am sure there are other ways to do it..but thats what I typically use.

The actual encoder, decoder, and VPP are not distributed in source code. The HW path leverages DXVA and passes everything to the driver to process, while the SW path leverages IPP and other functions to perform in an optimized way.


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