AVC Encoder increases the frame rate twice

AVC Encoder increases the frame rate twice


AVC Encoder increases the frame rate twice.

For example:

The input frame rate is 25 frames per second.
FrameRateExtN = 27000000
FrameRateExtD = 1080000

But in the coded header the frame rate is 50 frames per second.
FrameRateExtN = 54000000
FrameRateExtD = 1080000

Why it occurs? How it to correct?


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Hello Marina,

AVC Encoder always indicates field_rate = frame_rate * 2.
MSDK fields FrameRateExtN and FrameRateExtD indicate frame-rate, so in these terms it is correct that you see 54000000 and 1080000 numbers in
sequence header.

But from your post this is not clear, where from
did you get these numbers? After AVC decoder's DecodeHeader function or by
parsing sequence header with some other tools?Regards,Nick

Hello Nick,

Thanks for your answer. We have understood in what the reason. Our AVC Decoder has a problem.

Best regards,

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