Implementing Intel Filters & Media Sdk

Implementing Intel Filters & Media Sdk


I have aquery with reference to checking of our product (EditBox) with"Intel-media-sdk". As mention above, we are using Third party MPEG Encoder and Decoder Directshow filter components. How will we be able to test the Filter component of "Media-SDK" with our product DirectShow based implementation?We have found the "media-sdk" output stream of decoder filter as "NV12", which we are unable to connect with "Video Renderer" etc.

We would like to use Intel Filters, please provide us the steps to implement the same.



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Hi Praveen,

To develop your own DirectShow filters with Media SDKyou can usea sample from our product. I recommend you to build a sample filters to perform some initial testing. Could you please provide more info on the environment you are working in?What OS are you using? What type of media datayou have (MPEG2, AVC)?

You are right, our decoder filter provides NV12 data, and this data is not acceptable by VideoRenderer.You should connect decoder toVideo Mixing Renderer filter to successfully build a graph. Do you use GraphEdit application to build filters graph manually?



Hi Slava
As per your suggestion I tried to play a MPEG-2 file using Intel's Media SDK MPEG-2 decoder in GraphEdit, The Filter gets Connect with Multiplexer, But graph can not connect the Output pin of the Intel's Media SDK MPEG-2 decoder ( because of 'NV12' ) with any of the Renderer ( Video Renderer and Video Mixing Renderer either VMR -7 or VMR -9 ). Will you please mention any other way to do so.
I have tried same thing on Windows 7 Operating system but the result is the same with all the available Video Renderer and Video Mixing Renderers including 'Enhanced Video Renderer'


Hi Makarand,

This could happen becausesystem is unable to locate Media SDK library. Please make sure that libmfxdlls are accessible thru the PATH environment variable orlie in the current/working folder.

If library is accessible, and decoder filter still fails to connect, you may try to debug our sample filters to get more information. Could you please tell me if it helps?


Hi Slava,

Thanks for your help. As you mentioned I installed Intel Media SDK on my Windows 7 system. I tried to playback a MPEG-2 file in GraphEdit using Intel Media SDK decoder filter and Video Mixing Renderer Filter , and It connects and run successfully.
Now in the second situation I wish to connect Intel Media SDK MPEG-2 Encoder filter to one of my capture Filter. This filter gives me output streams in RGB555, RGB24, YUY2, YVU9 and I420 Video SubFormat. But Encoder does not connect. As per the help Encoder Needs 'MEDIASUBTYPE_YV12' input format.
Will you please suggest any way to connect both the filters?
or are there any configuration settings for the input streams of encoder?

Makarand Raut

Hi Makarand,

In this situation you need to find / develop an appropriate Color Space Converter filter to convert Capture filter's output format to NV12. Please note that NV12 is the only acceptable format for Intel Media SDK encoders. YV12 is mentioned in pin type info by mistake and doesn't affect functionality, it is fixed in the latest release.


Hi Salva,

Does the current media sdk hassupport to those formats which makarand had mentioned?

~ Praveen

Hi Praveen!


You can check the list ofsupported formats in the Intel Media SDK product manual "Video Preprocessing" section.
To enable this support in DirectShow filters please see our post here.


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