Dshow Video capture connect to Intel Media SDK H.264 Encoder.

Dshow Video capture connect to Intel Media SDK H.264 Encoder.

My video capture out pin sub type is yuy2, I want to encode it with  Intel Media SDK H.264 Encoder

Video Capture-> H.264 Encoder      ---if I do like this ,the filters will connect error.

Video Capture->AVI Decompressor->H.264 Encoder->H.264 Decoder->Video randerer. ----this can work,but video randerer just show black

How can I connect the video capture and H.264 Encoder?

I'm new about Media SDK ,hope get same help.


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The DirectShow sample encoder filters does support input frames of type YUY2. Also the pipeline you describe is a perfectly valid use case.
Not sure what the reason for black output is. Are you using GraphEdit to connect the filters, and if so, do you get any error messages when connecting the filters?

Could you share the output when running the "mediasdk_sys_analyzer" tool which is part of the SDK. It will provide more info about your system configuration.


I use GraphEdit to connect the filters.
Capture Video->MPEG2 Encoder->MPEG2 Decoder->Video Renderer
When play first time, get no error.but played not correctly as the pic(cap_en_de_play.jpg)
If stop it,and play again,will get error(the graph could not change state (Return code:0x00000000))

Capture Video->H264 Encoder->H264 Decoder->Video Renderer
play with error(the graph could not change state (Return code:0x00000000))



It looks like the video capture filter may provide the wrong information to the Media SDK encode filters. From the log you provided I can see that Media SDK encoder filter initialized VPP for conversion from YUY2 and NV12 which tells me that color space was identified correctly. But I'm surprised to see that the input resolution is 1920x1080, this is very large considering the input format is raw YUV. Is this the intended resolution?Are input frames coming from a USB camera?

Have you tried an alternate video capture device such as a Microsoft or Logitech web cam?

Looking at the log I also see that the Media SDK filters falls back on SW implementation since HW acceleration capability is not found. Is this what you expect? If your machine is supposed to support HW acceleration please make sure you have the latest graphics driver installed. If you are unsure about your machine config please provide log using "mediasdk_sys_analyzer" tool.

Also, to further explore potential filter incompatibility issues you will have to rebuild the the Media SDK sample filters and perform debugging to explore potential filter config/connection issues.


Thank for your help.
I find the problem.
I use another video capture machine,it's running good.
I think the problem is something is wrong with the video capture driver.

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